Purchasing Blinds For Your Living Room: A Brief Primer

18 August 2016
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog


Everyone is concerned with the aesthetic state of their home – especially their living room. Of course this is the case. This is the commons area where you present your guests to your home. One of the most important facets of having a good presentation of your living room is having a nice set of blinds in the room. They can set the mood with the way they light the room and how they are aesthetically "present." Read on and discover just a few things you may want to consider before purchasing blinds for your living room.

Aesthetic Importance

Make sure that your blinds are aesthetically coherent. This means that their overall design tends to work well with both your living room's aesthetic as well as your window treatment. You don't want a rustic, treated wooden style of blinds in a living room that is decidedly modern or art deco. At the same time, make sure that the blinds go well with the window treatment. For example, if bay style windows occupy your living room, you're probably going to want to go with a vertical style of blinds. While your blinds don't have to precisely match either your furniture or flooring, make sure that they don't clash or seem at odds with the other design choices you have made.

Ease Of Cleanliness

Your living room is going to see a lot of debris and pollution go in and out of it. Take into consideration that your living room is basically going to be the main point of congregation in your home, so plenty of traffic will come through. As such, you may want to choose blinds that are very simple to clean. The narrow slats of Venetian blinds tend to make them difficult to clean off, for example. Horizontal blinds can simply be wiped off with one quick swipe going from left to right. Wooden blinds do not necessarily attract more dander or dust, but in the right light, the amount that is present on these types of blinds can be easily seen.

Light Resistance

Your blinds are going to be the main source of keeping out and allowing the sun's ray into your home. As such, make sure your blinds are resistant to these rays and won't fade after a short period of time. For example, fabric types can easily become damaged by the sun, while wooden blinds, normally quite resistant, can wind up warping if left in direct sunlight for an extended period of time.