Bugging Life: Family Size of a Centipede And Other Buggy Tidbits

28 March 2017
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog


What bugs you about bugs? Some people enjoy collecting them. Do a search on model Claudia Schiffer and you'll find that she loves mounting bugs (and bug parts) before hanging them on her wall to enjoy. But, if you're like most of us, you're wanting to get rid of them and any pesky eggs that they might leave behind. It's New Jersey--shore up your courage and read on for some facts that might leave you wide-eyed and buggy.

Subterranean Termites

They're seasonal. You won't find Drywood termites eating through your home in New Jersey. Subterranean termites swarm on warm and rainy springtime days beginning in March and ending in June. Did you know that there's actually a Termite Infestation Zone? New Jersey falls under Zone 2. If you see some subs swarming around your house, know that Zone 2 carries significant damage potential to homes.

Creepy Crawly Cockroaches

There's no denying these nasty little buggers. Cockroaches are one of the most identifiable bugs running through homes. Their little cockroach feet runs through their droppings leaving over 30 different types of bacteria wherever they dance their jig. They can be light-colored or dark-colored, big or small, and they know they are hated. In fact, they will spend about three-quarters of their time hiding from you. Unlike subterranean termites, cockroaches don't mind freezing temperatures, so they can survive a very long time.

To "Bee" Or Not To "Bee"

Remember the saying, "white smoke good, black smoke bad?" Well, probably not, but honeybee populations are dwindling, so let your spring dandelions grow to give them some food and don't try to smoke them out of your life if you want to keep eating and drinking coffee. But bee hives hanging from your trees or eaves are another story--same for the bees that burrow into your walls and eventually flood your home. Aggressive bees like yellow jackets can be quite dangerous and can mess with your home and interrupt your life. If you think your buzzing ears are getting worse, especially when you stand next to an exterior wall, call your local pest control company for an inspection.

Arachnophobic? Try Having 100 Legs!

If you shy away from somewhat bulbous-bodied, eight-legged creatures that love to spin, try having a centipede crawl out from underneath you as you lay on the floor watching TV. Just one long-living female centipede can shower your home with 150 children at a time. That kind of communal living something just might make your skin crawl.

By the way, don't "bug" your microwave. We can't hear you. It's Jersey. Use speed-dial on your cell and yell, "Exterminator!" For more information, contact companies like Ace Walco & Sons Termite & Pest Control.