Tips For Homeowners To Protect Zinc Roofing From Salt

9 November 2017
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There are many different metal roofing options available now, and one of the ones that's gaining popularity is zinc roofing. If you're considering zinc for your new roof, you should think about where you live and how your climate could affect it. For example, if you live in a coastal region, there are some things you should know about the salt-saturated air and what it means for zinc roof care and maintenance.

What Are The Concerns About Zinc With Coastal Air?

While zinc isn't as susceptible to salt damage as some other types of metal, it's not impervious to it, either. If salt residue is left on the roof for a long time, it will lead to damage. Most of the time, periodic rains are enough to wash that salt away before it has time to do any damage to zinc, because it is so resistant to it.

However, some areas of the roof, like the fascias and the soffits, will not get the benefit of the rain to wash that salt away. That leads to salt deposits and buildup in those areas that doesn't get cleared. The salt residue left in those areas can actually lead to corrosion. If you see areas of your zinc roof that look as though they're covered with a thick, white, textured film, that's salt residue.

How Do You Minimize The Risks?

If you really want a zinc roof despite the concerns about salt in the air, there are a few things you can do to help combat the potential issues. For example, skip the zinc trimming for the fascia or the soffits. Instead, choose a metal for these that is impervious to damage from salt.

You'll also want to avoid putting zinc anywhere on the roof that's covered by an overhang or otherwise blocked from rain. The same applies to the vertical cladding, because rain can't get to it to wash the salt residue away.

Avoid using a dark shade of zinc roofing in a coastal environment as well. Otherwise, the salt residue will stain the roof. You can minimize this risk by opting instead for a light color for your roof. The light color makes the salt less noticeable, which helps keep your home looking better.

With these tips, you can still make the most of a zinc roof on your home no matter how close to the coast you are. Don't let the salt air keep you from having the roof material that you want. Talk with a roofing installation service, such as Premium Panels Inc, today for more information and options.