Three Tips To Help You With Growing Wildflowers On Your Property

25 January 2018
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog


Having flowers blooming throughout your property can provide your land with a charming and beautiful quality. However, if you are wanting to achieve this look, there is a strong chance that you may be unsure of what to do to obtain the desired results. Luckily, fostering the growth of wildflowers throughout your property may not be as challenging as you thought, as long as you are using some basic strategies.

Mark Where The Wildflower Beds Will Be Located

Wildflowers can be rather delicate plants. Unfortunately, many homeowners will fail to appreciate this fact when they are planting them. As a result, they may not sufficiently mark where these plants are located, and this could lead to inadvertently mowing these flowers or otherwise damaging them. By placing small signs or other markers near where the wildflowers are planted, you should be better able to protect these flowers from this type of damage.

Analyze The Condition And Quality Of Your Soil

It is important to understand the condition and quality of your soil when you are in the early stages of planning to introduce wildflowers to your property. The condition of your soil will be a major factor in determining what types of flowers will be able to thrive on your property. For example, there are many flowers that may prefer acidic loose soil, while others may find these conditions very harsh. When you are having this type of soil test done, you should have soil samples taken from the areas where you are considering placing these plants so that you will know the exact conditions that they can expect to encounter.

Invest In Seed Packets For Your Desired Flowers

Some homeowners will simply assume that wildflowers will have to be introduced naturally into the yard for them to start growing. Yet, there are many providers of wildflower seed packets. By investing in these seed packets, you can greatly expedite the process of having these plants start growing on your land. When you are planting these seeds, make sure that you are thoroughly following the directions, as it can be easy to inadvertently kill the seeds before they are able to germinate. Additionally, you should very carefully treat the area where the seeds have been placed, to avoid damaging any seedlings that may have sprouted. This will include watering the area, as it can be easy for the water from a hose or sprinkler head to hit wildflower seedlings with enough force to dislodge them.