Why You May Want To Make The Switch To Smart Locks

14 March 2018
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog


A smart lock can make your life easier and provide enhanced home security. If you need to change the locks on your doors or if you just want to take advantage of smart home technology, then you should consider having a smart lock installed. They usually replace your current lock and deadbolt, but some smart locks can fit over your existing deadbolt so your current keys can be used as well. Here are some advantages of having a smart lock installed.

You're Notified When The Lock Is Opened

If you have kids that come and go on their own, a smart lock helps you track when they come home and when they leave the house. This keeps you informed when they arrive home from school safely so you don't have to worry about them. Plus, you'll know they got inside and the door is locked behind them. This information is sent to your phone every time the door lock is operated so you'll have an ongoing list of when the door was opened or when an attempt was made by a possible intruder.

You Can Use Virtual Keys

One of the benefits of a smart lock is the use of virtual keys. These are temporary codes you can give to friends or contractors who need to access your home when you're not there. You can send the code to their phone so they can get inside and then disable the code after they leave. This is an especially useful function for a vacation home or rental property so you can open doors for people without having to give them physical keys or be there yourself to unlock the doors.

The Lock Has Hands-Free Operation

It's frustrating to fumble with a traditional lock when your hands are full or it's raining outside. A smart lock can open automatically as you approach the door. They have different modes of operation. Some open with a voice command or finger scan. Others are triggered by your cell phone. This allows you to get inside without digging for your keys or trying to find the lock when it's dark. A door that is easy to open enhances your personal security and makes your life more convenient.

A Smart Lock Can Be Operated Remotely

Another nice feature of a smart lock is that you can operate the lock remotely. If one of your kids is locked out, you can unlock the door while you're at work. The lock uses Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to communicate with your phone so you can unlock or lock it when you aren't at home. The locks can lock themselves when the door closes, but if you're ever worried about the door being locked, you can use your phone to check its status or set the lock.

A smart lock can be integrated with a home automation system or used independently. These locks are just as secure as traditional deadbolts and since they make getting in your door fast and easy, they increase your safety. They are also a quick solution for lockouts since they allow you to operate the lock for someone else as long as you have your phone. For more information, contact companies like Punch Point.