The Stockings Were Hung: Festive Ways To Use Christmas Stockings All Through The House

8 January 2019
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog


When you think of Christmas stockings, you probably envision colorful stockings hanging from the mantel and a fire crackling in the fireplace. However, needlepoint Christmas stockings can be used in any room of the house to creative a festive holiday look. From the kitchen to the bedroom, stockings will make your holiday home merry and bright.

Stockings in the kitchen

Fill a Christmas stocking with wooden spoons, forks, and spatulas. Make sure to place the utensils in the stocking with the handles down so the utensils are sticking out the top of the stocking. Hang the stocking on a cabinet door or wall, and you will have a festive decoration to dress up any kitchen.

Fill a stocking with several branches of fresh or faux pine. Add candy canes or sprigs of berries. Hang the stocking on a kitchen chair or doorknob. You can also hang a stocking on each family member's chair at the dining room or kitchen table. Fill the stockings with their favorite candy to enjoy as an after-dinner treat each day leading up to Christmas.

Stockings in the living room

Create an old-fashioned Christmas by making stockings the focal point of the room. Needlepoint Christmas stockings work best to create a vintage look. No sewing is necessary. You can purchase those that are already stitched, and you can have them personalized with each family member's name if desired.

Create a wall grouping by arranging the stockings in a circle on a large wall. Add swags of greenery strung with popcorn above the stockings. Miniature sleds, antique miniature quilts, and vintage ice skates can by used as accent pieces on your display wall to complete the look of an old-fashioned Christmas.

Stockings in the bedroom

Personalized needlepoint stockings make great door decorations for bedrooms. You child will be thrilled to have their own stocking to hang on their bedroom door. Stockings also look festive hanging in bedroom windows and are great for brightening up a boring closet door.

Use stockings for storage during the holiday season. Keep hair brushes, barrettes, clips, etc., out of sight by putting them in a stocking and hanging on a dresser knob. Use miniature stockings to decorate a holiday wreath to make a cute wall hanging.

When you make Christmas stockings the focus of your holiday decorating, you won't be disappointed with the festive look they create. From the kitchen to the bedroom, your home will sparkle with the colors of Christmas and be a warm and inviting place for you and your loved ones.