How To Enhance Your Home With Precast Stone

23 August 2019
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog


Also known as reconstructed stone, precast stone is a concrete product that is made to closely resemble natural stone, such as limestone, slate, sandstone, granite, bluestone, and quartz. You can use precast stone in many types of applications to beautify your home.

There are many benefits of using precast rather than natural-cut stone around both the interior and exterior of your home. If you're on a tight building or remodeling budget, consider purchasing precast stone pieces, which are known for their aesthetic beauty and long-lasting durability. You won't have to sacrifice quality or break the bank when choosing precast stone over its natural counterpart.

Precast stone is convenient in that it can replicate the look of all types of natural-cut stones, so you can easily match it to existing pieces, such as home siding. For example, if you need to replace or extend your current stone siding, you can use a precast alternative to save money. You can also color match precast stone to blend beautifully with any part of your home.

As another benefit, it takes minimal effort to clean and maintain precast stone, making it the ideal low-maintenance material for a variety of home features. It's mold- and mildew-resistant, so it's perfect to use outdoors.

Following are some ways that you can use precast stone to enhance any part of your house:

1. Outdoors

Adding a decorative precast stone touch to your entranceway is an easy way to add instant curb appeal to your home. You can create elegant, eye-catching columns, facades, balustrades, and surrounds to the front of your house or anywhere indoors as well. 

You can also use precast stone to create charming garden sculptures, gazebos, or pool area decorations in your backyard. Precast stone is also ideal for creating a patio area, as the concrete material is naturally resistant to the natural elements, including moisture and insect damage. 

2. Indoors 

Beautify your living room or master bedroom by installing a precast stone fireplace, which will instantly become the centerpiece of the space. Not only will the fireplace come in handy during the cold winter months, but it will also look impressive when not in use.

If you want to give your bathroom a natural touch, you can install a precast stone shower to replicate the look and feel of their outdoor counterparts. Since the masonry material is moisture-resistant, you won't have to worry about mold or mildew growth.