The Process Of Installing Granite Countertops

2 December 2021
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Are you interested in getting granite countertops installed in your kitchen? If so, it will help to know how the process works for having this natural stone surface placed in your kitchen. 

Granite Selection

The process starts with selecting the slab of granite that is going to be used in your home. However, since every slab of granite is unique, you'll need to pick out the actual slab. You don't buy granite out of a catalog since the patterns are random and can be very different between slabs.

Even if your cabinetry is not installed yet, you should have measurements of your countertop surface so that you know exactly how much material that you will need to get the job done. This will help determine how many slabs of granite need to be purchased since you'll want both slabs to match closely together. If you need two slabs of granite, this may impact what granite you select.

Template Creation

A template will need to be made of the countertop surface to see how it is going to fit on the granite slabs. Sometimes it can be a bit of a puzzle, trying to fit all of the sections on a slab of granite to make the most out of the material you selected. Decisions will need to be made on where seams will be placed in the countertop material, with the goal of using continuous pieces of granite when possible. 

Granite Cutting

Once you have a plan for how the granite will be placed on the cabinets, the process of cutting the granite can begin. This is typically done off-site, which means careful measurements need to be taken to account for things like holes for sinks. The edges of the granite will also be refined to the style that you like at this point as well. The goal is to bring that prepped slab of granite to your home and go right to the installation process.

Granite Installation

If everything has gone smoothly so far, that granite can be brought to your home and installed on top of the countertop material. The installation process involves making sure that the granite is level on the surface, and then securing it in place with caulk. Seams will then need to be joined together, which is done by placing epoxy between the two pieces and clamping it together so that it forms a seamless bond. 

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