Should You Upgrade To Hurricane Shutters?

6 May 2022
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog


Storm shutters can make a huge difference in protecting your property. Windows are prone to damage in storms, and a busted window can lead to further damage if water or humidity enters through the opening. You might be inclined to upgrade to hurricane shutters, but should you? Let's look at three reasons to make the move.

Current Shutters Rattle in Heavy Winds

A good set of storm shutters should be rock solid once you lock them in place. If the current model you're using is noisy during high winds, it may not be up to the job of withstanding hurricane-force winds.

Even in areas that don't get hurricanes, this is a concern. While folks in blizzard areas, for example, don't see many hurricanes, the winds can rise to such levels. If protecting your property is the goal, you might want to go one notch up in your defenses just to be sure.

Impalement or Dents

Another sign you might need to adopt more aggressive storm shutters is if the existing ones are barely doing the job. If the shutters have suffered impalements from flying debris, replacing them with equal versions probably isn't a winning idea. The next storm could lead to more damage and potentially drive something through a window. When in doubt, it's always better to take slightly greater precautions than you've needed to so far.

The same logic applies if the shutters are dented. Repeated denting can compromise the shutters and leak them weakened to the point of failure when some future storm hits. If you're seeing lots of dents to the shutters, you may need to upgrade them to a tougher model.

Large Windows

Having large windows in a house allows you to enjoy great views and more natural light. This presents a problem when storms roll in, though. Even one large set of windows can be a target for flying debris.

You may need to use larger shutters with a rolling system to address this issue. Especially if you have a curved area covered with windows, the best solution is likely to invest in accordion shutters. These close up like an accordion, and many models have recessed areas to hold the shutters. Likewise, they have rails so you can roll them across the windows quickly when a storm approaches. Not only are they fast to deploy, but you can find durable models that offer hurricane-grade protection.