Don't Get Duped By Your Indoor Drapes! Learn How To Avoid Common Mistakes Before You Buy

12 July 2022
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Sometimes you may happen to see a beautiful set of drapes you know will look great in your living room, but once you get them home, you find out you have been duped by drapes that look nothing like they did in the store display. The problem is mostly a matter of improper planning prior to purchasing and can easily be remedied by following a few guidelines.

Measure twice

There is nothing like inaccurate measurements to lead to a drape disaster. Fortunately, mismeasurements can easily be avoided by always taking accurate measurements prior to shopping. Measure more than once and write your measurements down for the best results. 

Buy drapes wider than your window

A common mistake is purchasing drapes that are the exact width of your window, which allows no room to fill it out more. The most beautiful pair of drapes will not look attractive without the right amount of fullness figured into the width of the drapes. Always purchase drapes one to two times wider than the measurement of your window to create room for fullness.

Make sure your drapes are the right length

The wrong length can make drapes appear awkward and out of place. Drapes should be hung several inches above the window molding, and the hem of the drape should fall several inches below the bottom of the window. You should take these extra inches into consideration when buying drapes.

Splurge on nice hardware

Drapery rods and hooks provide the finishing touches for your drapes and will make a big difference in how your drapes hang and how they look. One common mistake people make is purchasing cheap or unattractive hardware to use with luxury drapes. Buy hardware that will complement your drapes and match the decorating style of the room.

For instance, shiny, brass hardware will be appropriate in a modern-style home and will complement drapes designed in a modern fabric. Wrought iron or bronze hardware will look good in a rustic or country home, and white hardware is a perfect match for drapes in a cottage or coastal-themed home.

Lovely indoor drapes bring a room to life and are often the focal point in interior design. Taking a few important things into consideration, before you head to the store to shop for drapes, will spare you from getting duped by your drapes. The extra effort will pay off when you hang your new drapes and they look as beautiful as they did in the store display. For more information about shopping for indoor drapes, contact a local supplier.