Ornamental Grass Upgrades For Residential Property

8 September 2022
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Ornamental grasses are grass varieties that are often noted for their texture, height, and color. Ornamental products can be used to border a lawn, added to a flowerbed, or installed along hardscaped surfaces.


Ornamental products may provide privacy and will add depth to an outdoor area. Some ornamental grasses can grow several feet in height. Tall varieties can be used to create a natural border that will conceal what is located behind the grass plants.

Ornamental grasses grow wild near marshes, along river banks, and in other open areas. Many ornamental products are drought resistant and resilient to frigid temperatures. Grass products grow rampant during the warmer months. Cutting back ornamental products in the early spring will encourage growth as the weather starts to get warmer.

Assessment Variables

  • ​current coverage
  • yard usage
  • care techniques

Project Ideas

The current coverage within a yard pertains to the amount of grass that is already growing. If there isn't a lot of coverage, residential grass seed should be purchased at the onset of performing an upgrade to land. A home and garden center may sell ornamental grass seed or potted products that contain ornamental grass. Grass that will be covering a lawn may be enhanced with the addition of some clumps of ornamental grass that are growing alongside a lawn.

Mixing and matching grass products can heighten the visual perception of new ornamental products. For example, if ornamental grass will be used to add a little bit of privacy or dimension to the front of a piece of property, using some deep green, yellow, and brown ornamental products will provide a densely-covered border and will add an array of interesting colors to the land.

Ornamental grasses that are self-contained within pots can be placed on a patio or decking that surrounds a pool. Grass products that will be transplanted should receive plenty of water when they are first introduced to a piece of property. Ornamental grasses, like many lawn grass varieties, contain shallow roots. The roots will require frequent hydration until they have become established.

Once this occurs, watering will not need to be performed as frequently. Most grass products will be hardy and able to withstand dry spells. When manicuring a yard, an edger or weed trimming device can be used to cut the edge of a lawn. Precautions should be taken to prevent ornamental grasses from coming into contact with the blade of a lawn cutting tool.

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